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Lorries Parked In Line


Our company was founded and officially launched for business in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in June 2020 by the founder and CEO. The company originally started out as a side business of training new dispatchers and has grown today to a seven figure business annually that receives hundreds of applicants per month in just over two years.


The idea for the business originally came about when the transportation company our founder was working for at the time failed due to having a poorly run dispatch department. Upon going through that experience they used their newly gained knowledge and experience to create this very program that trains hundreds of students per month today, and made it a mission to assure no trucking company ever failed again due to having poor dispatching.  


Initially this course was taught in a in classroom environment with a teacher present. However, after the covid crisis the company was forced to adjust to being run 100% remotely which saw the company growth take off. With now being forced to offer the course online our company was able to offer services to students across Canada, United States, Australia and India.


Today we continue to serve potential students who look to enter the dispatch field and take pride in connecting graduates with potential employers. The mission and  ultimate goal is still the same as it has always been; continue to provide thorough knowledge and knowledgable dispatchers through our training and to ensure no company ever fails again due to poor dispatching. 

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