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Our detailed and comprehensive training program covers a wide variety of the entire dispatching and trucking industry. we have industry experienced leaders who breakdown the following topics which a dispatcher will encounter day in and day out while on the job. We provide training from basics to booking loads, to negotiating with load brokers, making drivers payroll, custom clearance, accounts and city dispatch. The course now also covers freight brokerage. We also train students on all third party logistics softwares. After the course is done, we give interview training and help in building up resumes as well. 

Supporting Our Students

We have specially designed classes where we help students upgrade and build up their resumes to fit employers need. This in return  will make them the best suitors for potential employment. Students are also given training and tips to help them prepare for real interviews they will encounter during their job search. Based on our track record students have been able to not only find employment with the largest companies, but also used their newly acquired knowledge and skill set to  launch their own successful business.

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