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What We Do

We offer practical oriented training program delivered by industry experienced Dispatchers. Our flexible online program allows you to learn from any corner of the globe to start your career within one of the largest industries in the world.

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Why Choose Us?


Flexible Classes

We offer the ultimate flexibility to accommodate our students with classes commencing 7 days a week. Monday-Friday morning, afternoon and evening, weekends are also available for afternoons. 



Our company guarantees providing value to our students. We train large quantities of  students per month through our comprehensive program. Upon graduation we help successful candidates with interview training as well as building up resumes. Companies across North America reach out to us for dispatchers on a regular basis. Highest performing students are also given an opportunity for potential employment.


NOC B Jobs

Employment in the Dispatching field is considered a NOC B job which helps many international students in their PR process. Upon graduation from our course, students will be equipped to land suitable Jobs across various industries in the office setting.

What Our Students Say

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